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ChaioGoo Stitch Markers Knitter's Pride Point Protectors Stitch Holder Set
ChaioGoo Stitch MarkersKnitter's Pride Point ProtectorsStitch Holder Set

ChaioGoo Closed Stitch Markers are perfect for marking the beginning of a row or the increases and decreases in a pattern.  The set includes 40 multi-sized markers.

Knitter's Pride Point Protector Set - Includes a set of small (blue) and set of large (pink) protectors.  Point protectors help your knitting stay on the needles while in your knitting bag.

Knitter's Pride aluminium stitch marker set. Allows work to be knit off onto a lockable stitch holder Sold in a set with 3 sizes Small - 3.25" Medium - 4.5" Large - 6.5"




Stitch Marker - Locking Tapestry Needles
Stitch Marker - LockingTapestry Needles

Knitter's Pride Locking Stitch Marker Set


  • Perfect accessory to mark the beginning of a round or where to increase/decrease stitches in a pattern
  • Set of 30 markers

Knitter's Pride Tapestry Needles - Set of 4 plastic needles